Newly erected three floor development in Cape Girardeau to be leased for commercial tenants.


The new modern façade with the large exterior windows looking out over Cape Girardeau imitates the new modern floor to ceiling. 

The Client:

Scott Rhodes, well known entrepreneur and owner of The Rhodes Group, Boulder Construction, Plaza Tire- to name a few.

What We Love:

•     The clean modern look of the lobbies and restrooms, incorporating tile not only on the floors, but decorative tile with a damask pattern onto the walls as well. 

•    All of the coordinating colors, designs and textures in the furniture were combined with ideal art, floral arrangements and lighting fixtures to add energy to the classy color scheme within the common areas.

•    The accents of silver were added throughout to give a crisp modern feel; in the stainless strips that were added to the interior dark staineddoors and the standoffs on the interior signage and the free standing restroom mirrors.


•    The classy and historic crystal chandelier that has quite the tale of its own.

What We Did:

Created solutions to final structural changes to allow for incorporating things the client wanted to add with the final product in mind. Selection of all interior and exterior finishes and specified how to install.  Worked with a graphic artist to design custom ADA signage and mirrors.  Ordered custom factory and local custom made furniture, selected lighting fixtures and locations with the furniture and art in mind.  Selected, bought, transported and installed all of the art. Communication with the client, project manager, foreman and installers was a must.