First Missouri State Bank Remodel Nearing Completion

As Lead Interior Designer/Project Manager for the FMSB Remodel, I started working with the staff at the bank in early June of 2016 to begin the brainstorming process which included: recommendations for changes to incorporate, custom furnishings, fixtures and finishes to fabricate and order through local vendors and subs to reach out to for bids. 

By the end of the year we had a solid game plan, a detailed mood board that portrayed all of the materials that would be used and the board's blessing to proceed. 

Towards the end of January material was arriving, furnishing were being fabricated and demo began. Now, eight weeks later we're nearing completion, the large dumpsters have been removed and the final touches are being added. 

This project has been one of my favorites. I have learned a lot, as I do on all jobs, the moral has already been lifted within the staff and heck it's just turning out better than I had imagined; thanks to the staff, the local vendors and subs. 


Taste Test: Before shot of the main lobby.


Taste Test: After shot of the main lobby.