Richardet Rebuild-Post Tornado

Tyson Richardet was one of the home owners that fell victim to the tornado that ripped through Perry County into Illinois earlier this year.  

Although the event was a tragedy and the demolition to his and the neighboring properties was vast, people like Tyson and his team of supporters have been working diligently to rebuild. 

Tyson and I have been meeting about once a week for the past several weeks to finalize the exterior elevation, select interior and exterior fixtures finishes and cabinetry layout options. 

Assisting people like Tyson, who truly need help (figuring out what they like, giving direction/knowledge to sort through the myriad of options and to get him back into his house) gives me the opportunity to utilize my expertise. 



Exterior Finishes.


Main anchor/statement of the front elevation. The exposed custom stained and distressed timbers.