Warm Country Welcome - Uniontown, MO

In March, earlier this year a repeat client requested my assistance putting my eye on their outdoor project. They wanted to clean up the existing side entrance to their home. They wanted to create a more structured and well design facade and walkway to direct guests to their side door instead of their front door.

I met with them to discuss the project and took as many pictures, dimensions and notes as I could in the first meeting. With ideas flowing I was able to produce six layout options. Via email, my clients were able to narrow the plans down to one and from that point I was able to draw elevations including the house and the pergola.

They wanted to work with a company for the concrete, but wanted to remove/relocate all of the landscaping and build the new pergola themselves. I scheduled a meeting to intoduce my client to a local concreter and we went over the drawings with him. 

A couple weeks after the meeting with the concreter we obtained a quote for his work, the bid was in line with my client’s budget and my clients had him add their name to his list. The overal design did not change from the first draft, but they decided to wrap the stamped concrete design around to the front of the house. Radius sizes and precise midpoints have been cleaned up, final drawings have been submitted and my clients are currently on the concreter’s list waiting for their turn. 

After shots to come ASAP!  


From the driveway, looking at the side of the house.  



Opposite direction. Looking from the front yard towards the house.  



From the driveway, looking at the side of the house.