Trophy Room at FMSB

The "Trophy Room" at First Missouri State Bank is nearing completion.

Community and sport sponsorship awards and trophies, that the bank earned over the years, were strategically placed within the shelves of the custom built trophy case that I, Cindy Buchheit designed. The trophies inspired Steve Taylor to continue the theme throughout the art work that will be hand selected, framed and installed (gallery style) in the near future. 

The walls were finished by Duncan Paining; new carpet and vinyl plank was installed by Richardet Floor Covering; laminate cabinetry/countertop was installed by Jerry's Custom Cabinets; new can lighting, pendant above the game table and cabinetry LED accent lighting were installed by SE Electric (lights provided by Metro Lighting), furniture was provided by Hutson's Furniture; stone work around the fireplace, a new set of double doors going into the dining room and custom base were installed by JB Mathews; ceiling tiles were updated by Boulder; new plumbing fixtures were installed by Hacker Plumbing and the large custom designed trophy case and bar were custom built and installed by Greg Buessink. Interior design: finish and fixture selection, furniture and cabinetry layout/design, and project management was accomplished by Cindy Buchheit from Unique Ambiance, LLC. 


Black custom designed trophy case and modern fireplace wall.


Black custom designed trophy case and modern fireplace wall.


Black custom designed trophy case and modern fireplace wall.

Finishing Touches at First Missouri State Bank- Cape Girardeau, MO

I get a chuckle every time I pull up to a store to load large items or a large quantity of purchased items into my little Honda Element and the stockman/woman says, "wow... I'm not sure all of this is going to fit" . I laugh and say, "watch this", as I proceed to reconfigure my seats. Who needs a commercial box can! It takes a little bit of organizing and patience, but I'm sure that's part of the definition of an Interior Designer. 

What you're looking at are four custom floral arrangements and multiple painted canvases that I installed at FMSB in the process of applying the finishing touches to a wonderful and rewarding remodel. 

Please stop by and take a look if you're in the area. The staff is very friendly and will probably ask you if you want a cup of coffee while you look around. Let me know what you think.  




Watch as this space transforms with the finishing touches.  

Watch as this space transforms with the finishing touches.

First Missouri State Bank Remodel Nearing Completion

As Lead Interior Designer/Project Manager for the FMSB Remodel, I started working with the staff at the bank in early June of 2016 to begin the brainstorming process which included: recommendations for changes to incorporate, custom furnishings, fixtures and finishes to fabricate and order through local vendors and subs to reach out to for bids. 

By the end of the year we had a solid game plan, a detailed mood board that portrayed all of the materials that would be used and the board's blessing to proceed. 

Towards the end of January material was arriving, furnishing were being fabricated and demo began. Now, eight weeks later we're nearing completion, the large dumpsters have been removed and the final touches are being added. 

This project has been one of my favorites. I have learned a lot, as I do on all jobs, the moral has already been lifted within the staff and heck it's just turning out better than I had imagined; thanks to the staff, the local vendors and subs. 


Taste Test: Before shot of the main lobby.


Taste Test: After shot of the main lobby.

Pear Tree Apartments (Cape Girardeau, MO) to Receive a Face-Lift Via Finishes Selected by Cindy Buchheit from Unique Ambiance

The thirty-six unit apartment complex known as the Pear Tree Apartments, located on N. Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau, MO, has reached its fifteen year mark and the owners are ready for a fresh new look. 

Over the past few years they've been working to upgrade the interior finishes, fixtures and appliances, with assistance from Cindy Buchheit owner of Unique Ambiance; hired to select these upgrades. 

Improvements to the roofing, has led the team to switch gears and refocus their efforts to the exterior. A fresh new look will be mastered by painting all of the buildings and installing new fixtures. 

Please keep your eyes pealed as the progress is under-way. 

Current view of the Pear Tree Apartments

Current view of the Pear Tree Apartments

Perryville, MO Mausoleum

A mausoleum... This is for sure one space I never in a million years thought I would ever be designing. This is a new concept for Perryville, but the concept has been around for centuries. Mt. Hope Cemetery already has one mausoleum and the one I'll be helping the committee with will make their second. 

Thanks to Dave Richardet, from Richardet Floor Covering, he picked up on the fact they needed some assistance selecting and pulling together the interior and exterior finishes and threw my name out there. 

I met with three members of the committee last week. They went over the finishes that they have selected so far, the options I had to chose from, the materials that still need to be discovered, the subs working on the project and the look they're going for.   

Although a small project, this is a new and exciting challenge. All of the surfaces thus far are hard and have no sound absorption; so sound dampening finishes will seriously need to be taken into consideration and implemented tastefully.  

Early stage of the Mt. Hope Cemetery mausoleum in Perryville, MO. 

Early stage of the Mt. Hope Cemetery mausoleum in Perryville, MO.