Hendrickson Business Advisors



A local Cape Girardeau, MO business grew beyond their space and after a long search found their current home. This building was a law firm since its construction and was in need of a complete remodel. The Hendrickson’s wanted the remodel to be finished before moving their staff in.


With so many conflicting tastes between not only the two owners, but the staff as well, the one thing that held true throughout the building was the mid-century modern feel that the building had. The owners wanted to make sure that their clients felt very comfortable, so we chose to stick with very soothing colors and designs and let everyone express their personalities within their offices.

The Client:

Two very determined, hardworking individuals that love giving back and treat their employees like family.

What We Love:

•     The first thing we selected was the carpet. Overall we wanted a subtle design, but since a lot of the areas were open and everyone has an open door policy, we decided to select a coordinating carpet tile with a circular pattern to give a touch of a modern feel, to use as a “rug” that would be inset among the other pin striped carpet tile.

•    The paint colors. I love it when I hear clients say, “If I were picking the colors, I never would’ve chose those, but I love them!” When I hear that I feel like I truly did my job as a designer.  

•    The way all of the finishes work together. The Hendrickson’s brought the majority of their furnishings and finishes from their old office and ironically everything has really come together nicely.

What We Did:

I met with Rhett and Jennifer to walk through the space to discuss all of the changes that they wanted to make. I initially worked with them to get them to get the colors and finishes selected for them to order materials and get bids. I brought them a few carpet samples to choose from for the main carpet tile, then I presented them with additional coordinating samples for the carpet tile inset in the pin stripe, walk-off carpet for the entrance, broadloom carpet for the stairwell, rubber base, tile for the kitchenettes, restrooms and entrance and paint colors for the casing and walls. The layout for the carpet tiles, the tile installation details and the paint schedule were some of the details that were finalized for the co-owners to get the bids necessary to continue the remodel.
Once the team inhabited their space, I was brought back to finish the details. All of their furniture and accessories that were already placed filled the space nicely and with Rhett’s keen sense of balance, installed all of their wall hangings correctly in gallery format. I walked through the, now finished space, with the clients to critique the building to determine what they still needed. A list was compiled, options were going, decisions were made, and products were purchased and installed; while their work never skipped a beat.