West Street Unveiled


To assist my clients with the process of remodeling their kitchen and mudroom/laundry/bath in Frohna, MO.


Opening the kitchen up to the dining room, enlarging the mudroom/laundry room and re-directing the stairs to help the kitchen layout.

The Client:

Both retired professionals looking to learn the ropes while crossing this obstacle off their “to do list”.

What We Love:

•     Uncovering the original stair case when the demo began. While waiting to finalize the cabinetry layout, demo had begun on the kitchen and once this was discovered a few changes were made to the cabinetry layout to better utilize the space.

•    All of the thought and detail that went into everything making the project come together as it did. All of the cabinetry, the casing and base trim and the farmhouse sinks, everything has come together to compliment the integrity of the historic home and looks great.  

•    The amount of storage they have now. With a little bit of planning, a great contractor and the willingness to remove an old chimney and move some plumbing lines, you’d be surprised the things you can change and the storage you can find.

What We Did:

I took the necessary information with me from our initial meeting, drew up some optional floor plan, cabinetry and lighting layouts to scale so that she could pick and choose which elements she liked best so the ideas could be merged into one master plan. That master plan was handed over to the contractor to put his stamp on so that we could make any necessary plumbing and structural changes and get the show on the road. The cabinetry was ordered as designed and being fabricated while the contractor was handling the addition and finishing out the rooms. I met with the clients and their contractor from time to time, but the contractor coordinated the installation of the cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting and refinishing the floors.